Dancing on the concrete…

Well, it’s been a roller-coaster for sure (not the kind where you throw your hands up, let your hair fly back and smile through the ride…the one where no sooner than you feel the track above you click & realize this was a bad…bad…idea…that kind of roller coaster). It seems like challenges come just as fast or faster than good news these days. Life is feeling like a domino effect that is not falling in our direction. But then…then there are nights that we are dancing on the concrete.

If you’ve been reading along (or attempting your hand at LifeTime Drama script-writing…you’re in the right place )…you know that;

  • I left a professional position to save a mission I dedicated over a decade to
  • We received my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis (but fortunately found the best doc there is)
  • We decided to sell the home we could no longer keep up with, financially or physically
  • We are in contract for said house at ‘break even’ (blessing & disheartening)
  • We have repairs at said house that we don’t have time, money or skills to do before the sale
  • We purchased a beautiful farm as a fixer upper (the equity advertised was plenty to do the required repairs)
  • We learned that not everyone plays by the rules
  • We learned that there is no equity in our sweet farm (too late to back out of the deal)
  • The home owners insurance does not care about how tough life is for us right now…or who or why the repairs weren’t completed in time…they have cancelled our policy.
  • We are searching for a new (likely more expensive) policy to cover our home until the repairs are made.
  • Our underwriter had us close our credit lines to get our farm…our 7 hundred something credit scores are now 4 hundred something credit scores…we aren’t getting financing any time soon
  • The credit we once had is now closed (see comment above) making it impossible to make purchases for repairs or get into contract for the required roof.
  • The credit that had to be paid off was done so with the little savings left with me no longer working.
  • We are praying for a Christmas Miracle
  • Many miracles are already underway…
  • Our hearts have been heavy, our shoulders have been burdened, and our journey has been lonely.

There are the cliff notes that bring us to today. We started a facebook page. I emailed everyone I could think of for help. Thankfully angels have come to our sides to give our sweet littles an amazing first Christmas on our farm. The rest….well, we’re coming to terms to be willing to do the work, reach out for help, but really all of it is in God’s hands at this point.

Today a sweet friend messaged me a quite timely text that lifted my spirits and gave my momma heart some much needed peace. Another of our angels let me know I was her Chick-fil-A sauce (very cool blog story)…all in His perfect timing. Another of our angels is working as hard as if we were his highest paying (& I’m quite certain we’re his lowest/non “paying”) customers (& did I mention, ironically his sweet boy attended my sweet school seven years ago!). A school that we adore sent home a box filled to the brim with food for the break. Clients of my sweet B’s, perfect strangers to our family, showed back up after an appointment at the bank with what will now be our Christmas turkey, a roast, and two big FULL bags of food. Adopted family have picked up food for us to celebrate our first Thanksgiving and be sure our growing littles have plenty to ‘graze’ on, as they often do. People who have reached out are some of the last we would think to hear from. A friend we hadn’t even spoken to in years, heard our story, sent a gift through an app (?Venmo?) sending prayers and hopes for blessings and healings. We have so many angels in our lives. We just know His Army his going to find a way to help us save our farm.

So…WHY were we dancing on the concrete? Well, for one, we can’t afford to put floors in just yet…so that’s what’s down there. Second, we got our electric bill. We’ve had as many as 7 people living in our home at any given time. Right now it’s the 4 of us, 3 chickens (not IN the house of course) and 2 pups. And I’m gonna be honest and tell you…once we got free of GRU territory, this family started fighting back against this MonSter by keeping our house nice and cool (MS + Heat= very, very, very, very bad). We got the first dreaded utility bill today. I opened it slowly…dreading the number inside… and it’s $102. YES friends, $102 bill for anything and especially utilities…oh, that’s cause for dancing.

And while I wish I could fill you on so many more details here on the farm…it’s time for this sweet, sweet B to help me get this hair washed (this is such a cruel disease, but such a loving man), get some scripture time in and then get some sleep before one of the few days to get this girl into the Christmas Spirit! Love to you all, and prayers for your families!

Much, Much Love,

Gracie Kelly

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