Christmas Miracles a-Brewin’?!?!

Remember that ‘no apology living’ we (I) was working on? It’s going great, I was about to start off by apologizing for not updating you sooner… (gimme a second while I write this down for the counselor, lol).

About time for a praise report, can I get an Amen?? Praise God, we are much less ‘crisis’ than the last time we chatted all night. Evidently after perusing the 50 page inspection report was not only enough to deny the extension (to get the roof), but to decide they definitely didn’t want to cover us (regardless) with ‘all the risk’ of things that need to be done. So…we have found a policy which isn’t as good, with a company not quite as good, but it buys us a little time to get the roof on and repairs made so we can go back to a good (& less expensive) insurance company! PRAISE GOD!!! (& thank you to our incredible insurance gal who has done so much to help us through all our chaos- love you V).

More? You want more praise report? Well, fortunately for you- I got it for ya! As usual- people. People are the blessing. People are the encouragers, the helpers, the ones that show up just when we feel alone as we can be. The day after my last post, my phone had several texts from a few friends who were determined to find a way. Sweet C woke up on a mission to figure out our farm & Christmas for our littles. That day had a few of those sweet calls, messages and texts…but it was certainly a day we held close together but felt so disconnected from the world we once knew. It’s part of our new reality that has been a real challenge. I wonder if whoever wrote that, ‘You find our who your friends are‘ was a spoonie too…

Back to talking about feeling the love <3. Many were reaching out, unable to do anything, but wanting us to know that they love us and are reaching out to anyone they can think to help our family. I don’t even know how you thank someone for that, if you know, I’m all ears (no budget, but all ears 😉 ). Our smallest can soooo definitely not read this- but if we had the pen & money for feed…we were even potentially offered small goats for our little farm girl. ❤ So. Much. Love. That girl would lose her sweet little mind 🙂


So, here’s the update- fortunately now we have at the very least- 30 days to figure out this roof and exterior wood rot/garage issues. Then the rest we can take our time with (as planned). For Christmas (shhhh), we had planned to do a few things…we created a list for those who had asked, talked with our amazing kiddos, and decided to ‘create them a room’ for Christmas (they know we are in the hardest of hard times & that the Santa gift-giving spirit will be coming from angels in our lives this year). Here’s a little of our craziness (thankfully breaking up the stress)… a perfect stranger (client) talked to sweet B at his work and offered him a bedroom set. For free. Hardly used. What? So, we are going this week to pick that up <3. Today I responded to an ad for a rocking chair for something crazy like $40 (have you ever priced rocking chairs?!?! what?!?!). Anyway, I asked if the price was negotiable and if so if we could look at it (we’ve wanted rocking chairs for our patios since we got here). The person was so kind and after exchanging a few emails, realized it was the father of a student of mine from 7 years ago! ANYWAY, B, he and myself all got to talking…and he is helping us find, fix & refinish some furniture and get the kids rooms ready for an epic Christmas reveal. My sweet girlfriend showed up at the farm today to teach me how to make her AMAZING chicken & dumplings, delivered us a couch (which is such a luxury after not having one for weeks). Sweet B’s work was amazing for him to be there for my lumbar puncture (post for another day…it was not a pleasant day for anyone involved, my dehydration resulted in 2 facilities and probably at least 7 spinal pokes/digging before they could tap me for sap (or spinal fluid, whatever). Talk about pain. I puked on my poor sweet nurse J (sorry!) during the first one and wouldn’t let go of her hand. Instead of sympathy puking, she just held me hand and stroked my hair <3. Why wasn’t B? Because he had just left the room getting sick from seeing them shove a needle in my backbone…glad it wasn’t just me. 😉 Unfortunately it was several painful days following, still not incredibly comfortable (& of course out of medicine :/). All in all, we got fluid so it was a success…and we’ll be happy to never have to go through that again 🙂

The days following my LP were a blur. <3). B was able to take off an extra day (or 2? I seriously cannot keep track of days this week). I kept waking up throwing up (much more violently than usual). It was odd. I slept almost…however many days that was. B- thank you for taking care of me, making sure I had meds, taking care of the house/kiddos & for always being so amazing with my daily ‘lift assist’ into & out of the shower ;). Mom- comfort food, taxi service for the kids, flowers when we got home, batch cooked food & a starter set of freezer containers- THANK YOU<3 Strangers who sent my husband home with bags of food, a whole turkey, a roast, rice…kind stranger- I pray someone blesses you ten fold! My sweet self-adopted sisters- thank you for always checking on me, for comfort food, the couch, I mean…seriously we don’t have that long- I love you both (& of course the B.I.L. for snagging us the coolest pre-kinda-lit tree ever). It feels soooo much more like Christmas. Adopted M& D- I love you, thank you for bringing us into your family, for arriving with a car full of groceries, for repairing the pump, teaching me to change the switches & for attempting to get me to eat every time you’re here (& for amazing Mom hugs when my Mom is away & for letting me ‘borrow’ Dad as my self-adopted Dad). M&D- thank you for being patient when answers take forever or when we’re impossible to get in touch with. We love & miss you. Our life…well let’s just say the things we list on the blog are a very small window into the craziness that is our world. Auntie K…seriously. What can I even say? You walked us through our baptism…and then you never walked away. You have shown up with warm food, love offerings, and hugs when we felt so alone & confused. We love you. ❤ A.A.- out of nowhere Auntie K tells us that you are ‘on it’. Your heart is so big and I love you just so much.


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