5 Loaves, 2 Fish…


If you read my last post…I’m sad to tell you that our positive thinking didn’t quite get us there… yet. We are praying that we somehow get to miraculously close on our sweet little fixer upper farm tomorrow. If it’s possible, I know it will happen. We have had some really wonderful folks working hard to get us there (if you could maybe add our angel M to your prayer list, she’s been an incredible blessing!). 🙂 We have been fortunate enough to sell almost everything we were trying to sell. A few last pick-ups and this will be our lightest move…maybe ever!

This has been quite a week. A sweet friend brought dinner Monday night. There is nothing better after a long day of work, school, and packing than having friends show up with hugs, comfort food and encouragement. It filled everyone’s bellies and lifted all our spirits. I attempted to cook again over the weekend…still not so bueno. By the time it was done I left it to sweet B to dish up while I lay in bed sick to my stomach. Hopefully once things settle after the move I can get back to cooking.

With me not working finances have definitely taken a hit. Some of the things we’ve been working on selling we’ve priced based on some of our more immediate needs. One of my favorite scriptures is in Matthew, when Jesus feeds the masses with just five loaves of bread and two fish. I like it so much I named my first blog after it. What I love about it is that in our flesh we see not nearly enough to get by. He sees more than enough (they filled baskets with the left overs). If only I would remember that when all I can see are a few crumbs and a fish stick.

As my sweet B and I fretted about unexpected expenses and expensive medicine…God had the bread and fish standing by. Not only has He brought some of the kindest friends to our door with dinners for our family…but He heard our challenges and every need. All in His perfect timing, every need met. Every challenge conquered. This week we opened a card from friends we’ve never met with a financial gift that didn’t only meet a timely need, but reminded us about His promises. We sold a piece of furniture to a friend of a dear friend for more than we were asking…and exactly what we needed to cover medicine. At every turn our needs are met. At every challenge there is a friend, an encourager, a call, a text, a dinner…5 loaves of bread…2 fish.

So for tonight…we aren’t going to worry about whether we can close tomorrow (I never said I wouldn’t think about it…or pray for it…). We aren’t going to worry about how everything is going to fall into place…we’re just going to have faith that it will. Thanks for walking with us. Time to try to get a little sleep and see what tomorrow brings us!

Much Love From your Sleepy Spoonie,

Gracie Kelly


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